• Traffic Management
  • Road Safety Audit
  • Civil Design
  • Traffic Engineering

Traffic Management

RoadNet has extensive experience in the planning and design of Traffic Staging Plans (TSP), Traffic Control Plans (TCP), Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS) and Temporary Road Alignment Designs for major and minor road construction projects.

We use MX Road and / or 12D to design temporary road alignments and use AutoCAD to prepare detailed scaled drawings.

We maintain close contact with the construction traffic manager to provide technical advice on the best way to manage traffic taking account of proposed construction staging, site constraints and the contract specifications. RoadNet's aim is to provide a service that results in improved staging, reduced level of risk and cost savings.

Associated services include the preparation of Traffic Management Plans (TMP) and road safety audits at design and implementation stages.

RoadNet personnel are formally qualified to select, modify, design and audit designs in both NSW and QLD:

  • RMS Red Card
  • RMS Orange Card
  • TMR MUTCD Levels 2, 3 & 4
  • TMR Traffic Management Design
  • CPEng Certification
  • RPEQ Certification

RoadNet is accredited with TMR for Traffic Management Registration Scheme.

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Road Safety Audit

RoadNet specialises in Road Safety Audits having undertaken close to 250 audits throughout NSW and QLD during the last two years (2014 – 2015).

We presently have 8 full-time Senior Road Safety Auditors accredited with both NSW RMS and QLD TMR, along with a number of accredited Road Safety Auditor sub-consultants available to join the team.

Our high number of available auditors allows us to provide a quick turnaround to clients in line with construction program requirements.

RoadNet has extensive experience providing Road Safety Audits on major road construction projects including motorway and major highway upgrades.

RoadNet is experienced in providing Road Safety Audits at any stage of a project including:

  • Concept Design Road Safety Audits
  • Preliminary Design Road Safety Audits
  • Detailed Design Road Safety Audits
  • Pre-opening Implementation Road Safety Audits
  • Post-opening Implementation Road Safety Audits
  • Finalisation Stage Road Safety Audits

RoadNet has also carried out many Route Safety Studies and Road Safety Audits that focus on improving road safety and reducing the number and severity of crashes.

Recent examples include QLD TMR National Highway Route Strategy Planning (Cunningham Highway, Gore Highway, New England Highway) and NSW RMS Recreational Motorcycle Routes (Bruxner Highway, Summerland Way, Lions Road, Kyogle Road).

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Civil Design

RoadNet has provided civil design services to contractors, councils and developers for the past 20 years throughout NSW and QLD, providing designs that adhere to the requirements of RMS and TMR.

As specialist traffic engineering consultants we are able to integrate traffic modelling with civil design to provide a complete service to clients.

RoadNet has specialised traffic signal designers and pavement designers providing added expertise to our intersection designs.

Our experienced designers utilise the latest versions design software including AutoCAD, 12D Model and MX Roads.

RoadNet's previous experience includes concepts designs, preliminary designs and detailed designs for road upgrades on major and minor roads including:

  • Intersections
  • Roundabouts
  • Cycleways
  • Bus Stops
  • Carparks
  • Stormwater
  • Traffic Signals
  • Street Lighting
  • Pavement
  • Signs

RoadNet's staff are trained and experienced in the application of design software including:

  • 12D Model
  • MX Roads
  • 12D Drainage
  • AutoCAD
  • Autoturn
  • TraSiCAD

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Traffic Engineering

RoadNet has undertaken a large number of traffic studies and traffic impact assessments for a range of contractors, councils and developers throughout NSW and QLD.

We offer a range of traffic engineering and transport planning services including:

  • Traffic Studies
  • Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA)
  • Traffic Surveys
  • Traffic Signal Analysis and Design
  • Intersection Modelling
  • Route Development Studies
  • Haulage Assessments
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Micro-Simulation Modelling
  • Macro Strategic Modelling
  • Road Safety Audits
  • Traffic Management Design

RoadNet utilises a mixture of in-house expertise and sub-consultant capabilities to undertake intersection modelling, Micro-simulation and Macro-simulation network modelling.

RoadNet’s traffic modelling capabilities include:

  • SIDRA Intersection Analysis
  • AIMSUN Micro-simulation Modelling
  • PARAMICS Micro-simulation Modelling
  • EMME Macro-simulation Modelling
  • TRANSCAD Macro-simulation Modelling

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